Maintains Batteries | Prevents Cold Starts

Automatic Engine Start/Stop Solution that:

  • Monitors and Maintains  Battery Voltage Levels
  • Prevents Fuel from Gelling
  • Works Across All OEMs
Volvo Daycab Truck

Features & Benefits

Idle Smart is an automated start-stop system that reduces fuel and prevents downtime

Idle Smart Battery Protect Icon

Battery Protect

Battery Protect™ will automatically monitor your truck batteries and run the engine when voltages get low. Simply use Idle Smart’s Android tablet or remote management capabilities to program a voltage threshold and run time. Also, the key does not have to be in the ignition for Idle Smart to monitor your batteries. Even if you’re away from your truck, Idle Smart will still monitor and start your truck if your batteries get low to prevent jumpstarts or downtime for you.


Idle Smart Cold Start Guard Icon

Cold Start Guard

Cold Start Guard™ will automatically monitor your engine’s coolant temperature and when it gets too cold, Idle Smart will start and run your engine until the desired engine coolant temperature is reached. Even if you’re away from your truck and a cold front arrives, Idle Smart will still monitor and run your engine to prevent any fuel from gelling and any cold starts. These settings can be customized specifically to your fleet and your weather conditions. 



We designed our system to be plug-and-play with an installation time between one to three hours. Our average installation time is 90 minutes. We don’t cut wires and we don’t void any OEM warranties. To complete the installation, we have the technician run a software check to be sure that the installation is completed correctly so you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a system that doesn’t work.

We Stand Behind Idle Smart

Lifetime Parts Warranty

Our commitment to reliability and performance is unmatched in the industry. If your system stops working for any reason, we will provide you the necessary parts at no cost to you.

Customer Support

We understand that our fleets are constantly on the go. As a result, we’re committed to being available 7 days a week. Have an issue or question? Call us, we’re here to help!

Maintenance Free

Idle Smart has been designed to be maintenance free for the life of its use. No service intervals or scheduled downtime. Just reliable and predictable performance.

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Jump Starts

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